Our Company    

Vinicas is the principal leader in the Chilean vineyard and winery service industry manufacturing tartaric acid and grape ethyl alcohol that has expanded into Argentina and the U.S. with partnerships in Spain and France. We have a strong commitment to quality and efficiency in the delivery of services, products, equipment sales and ingredients.

From our recycleing efforts in Chile and Argentina we produce L(+) Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Rochelle Salt and Grape Ethyl Alcohol for international distribution to wine, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.


We are proud of our international certifications of quality for every product we manufacture. It is our incorporation of quality that we have concern has been centered on getting international certifications that guarantee the quatity of our business together with the incorporation of new technologies that allows us to offer the best products. For this reason our company continually invests in the modernization of its processes and production lines which in turn has permitted our obtaining of the demanding certifications of our products,  USP-NF/FCC, EP, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 (The Environmental Managment System), Kosher-Star, 100% GRAPE BASED GMO FREE.


An understanding of the glovalization of the wine industry motivates our continues development technically as well as professionally.


Today the world's most prominent companies understand how important the development and success, of whatever interest, is bound to the proper relationship whit their employees and respect for the social and environmental surroundings.