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Founded in 1965 Vinicas is the largest producer of Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Refined Grapeseed Oil, Neutral Ethyl Alcohol of Vitivinicultural Origin, Distillatte of Vitivinicultural Origin, Brandy and Vegetal Compost of Chile.

Vinicas is a main recycler within the wine industry of Chile, it collect grape skins and lees and wines  that became the raw material for the production of food, pharmaceutical,  wine&spirits and agricultural products.

Vinicas offer wine & grape juice filtering services, collection & disposal services for liquid & solid waste materials which contain richness on Tartaric Acid, Potasium Bitatrate, Ethyl Alcohol and Grapeseed Oil.

Vinicas It is the largest marketer and distributor of oenological products, machinery and specialty supplies for the National Wine Industry.  Vinicas represents more than 20 foreign companies specialized in the oenological category, products and services for juice and wines.

With Chilean and Japanese partners Vinicas continually have invested in the modernization of their manufacture processes which in turn has permitted them to obtain demanding certifications of their products and procedures.
Vinicas is proud of its international certifications of quality in manufacturing:
  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-14001 (The Environmental Managemen System)
  • Star-K Kosher, Halal, USP-NF/FCC, EP, JP, KP